Industrial air curtain has been widely applicated and installed in many occasions and situations due to its following great advantages

1. Industrial air curtain can provide a high-speed airflow, separating indoor and outdoor into two independent zones, creating a comfortable indoor environment.

2. Industrial air curtain can provide an invisible curtain of air, which can keep out the dust, smoke, insects, unpleasant smell and other microorganisms from indoor, but without impeding the access of people or vehicles.

3. Industrial air curtain can help maintain the effectiveness of indoor air-conditioning and air purification, which can save energy.

4. Industrial air curtain is suitable for factory, workshop, warehouse, supermarket etc.

   Nedfon is an experienced air curtain manufacturer for many years. We have designed and produced a series of Industrial air curtainfor many kinds of applications and installations. Centrifugal type air curtain is one of the representational Industrial air curtain. It is no doubt that Nedfon is one of the best air curtain manufacturers as well as the best centrifugal air curtain factory.

   The following features of Industrial air curtain that make our products competitive and sold well at home and abroad.

1. Nedfon Industrial air curtain has elegant appearance. The stainless cover of Industrial air curtain is made from powder-coated metal, not only making it beautiful and graceful , but also working well in various occasions and environments. Due to the full-metal cover, Industrial air curtain is fireproof and easy installation.

2. Nedfon Industrial air curtain is designed with centrifugal turbine, which can provide strong air flow but make low voice.

3. Nedfon ndustrial air curtain is under stable performance. We adopt high-grade motors, which contribute to noise reduction and wearing resistance. The high-speed motor can under 5000 hours of continuous operation without fault (data from Enterprise Laboratory test) .

4. Nedfon industrial air curtain adopts centrifugal forward-curved blade impeller structure, with highly efficient volute design, which make the performance of air fan achieves ideal results.

5. Nedfon industrial air curtain is equipped with the air outlet pendulum page, adjusting the wind direction.

6. Nedfon industrial air curtain is suitable for the factory building, the cold storage, the garage, supermarket and other places where are highly needed for air ventilation and air purification. There are two available installation heights: 5.0m-6.0m, 7.0m-8.0m.

   With high quality and great features of Nedfon industrial air curtain, Nedfon has become an increasingly famous best air curtain manufacturer and centrifugal air curtain factory. Centrifugal air curtain (industrial type) is one of the most popular air curtains, Due to the large sales of Centrifugal air curtain (industrial type), Nedfon has become a competitive centrifugal air curtain factory as well.


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