How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan and What are the Advantages

How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Step 1: Determine Your Fan Size
Use the formula: Length x Width = Square Feet.
Or use this formula: Length x Width x Height = Cubic Feet.
And some will use the formula: Length x Width x Height x .13 = Number of CFMs (round up to nearest 10).

Step 2: Determine Where you'll Vent the Air
Your fan must vent outside.

Step 3: Understand Your Electrical Options
If you're not comfortable with this step, consult an electrician.

Bathroom exhaust fans are an important element that ought to not be overlooked in your home. It's important that you simply install a fan of top quality, that way you'll rest assured knowing you made a sensible investment.

Benefits of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

1. Eliminate Odors
One of the most reasons for having a fan is for odor control. If an unpleasant odor occurs within the bathroom, it can easily be drawn out with the assistance of a fan. As a result, the ventilation will enable you to stay your bathroom well maintained, while offering a clean atmosphere for a subsequent person.

2. Humidity Reduction
Reducing the humidity during a bathroom is significant for its upkeep. Excessive moisture can wreak havoc on bathroom walls by causing paint and wallpaper to peel. In extreme cases, it can even cause doors to warp!
Most importantly, the humidity will cause the accumulation of mold. These spores can grow rapidly and may be difficult to urge obviate. Therefore, it's crucial to possess bathroom exhaust fans to stop this from happening.

3. Reduce Airborne Contaminants
Bathrooms are typically cleaned with aggressive chemicals, which may cause a spread of health issues when inhaled. this is often a serious concern especially for little children, the elderly, or those with current lung conditions.
Additionally, if the toilet is already experiencing a mold problem, the fan will help to get rid of the buildup of spores within the air. This, in turn, also will help to hamper the mold's rate of growth.

4. Help Eliminate Foggy Mirror Syndrome
Bathroom exhaust fans will help control the moisture and take away water vapor on your mirrors and walls.



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